GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove Review

GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove

Introduction and Key Features

Life is better outdoors, and with the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove, your culinary adventures can be as good as your surroundings. This powerhouse offers a twin 14,000 BTU output, allowing you to prepare meals for your entire group with ease. It’s equipped with a Piezo ignition system for safety, micro-control valves for precise heat control, and a sturdy steel construction that promises longevity. The convenient wraparound windscreens keep the elements at bay, and the unit’s portable design makes transportation hassle-free. Interested? Check it out here.

Design and Quality

The Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove is a testament to GSI Outdoors’ commitment to quality. The stove’s robust design, with its powder-coated steel exterior and removable pot support, is built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. Its stainless steel burner and nickel-chrome cooking surfaces ensure effortless cleanup after meals.

In-Depth Analysis

The standout feature of the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove is its powerful, twin 14,000 BTU burners. Whether you’re simmering soup or boiling pasta, these burners offer the versatility you need. The Piezo ignition system ensures safe and hassle-free lighting, and the individual micro-control valves give you total control over your cooking experience. Plus, the stove’s wraparound windscreens protect your cooking from gusts and bad weather.


When compared to other camping stoves in its class, the Selkirk 540+ holds its own. While similar models may offer comparable BTU output, the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove sets itself apart with its precise heat control and durable construction. Moreover, its added features, such as the Piezo ignition system and the wraparound windscreens, give it an edge over the competition.

Lots of people ask for a comparison between this Selkirk model and the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 460 Camp Stove. Check out our review of the 460 model here.

Pros and Cons


  1. Powerful, twin 14,000 BTU burners.
  2. Micro-control valves offer precise heat control.
  3. Sturdy, steel construction built for outdoor durability.
  4. Wraparound windscreens protect against the elements.


  1. Slightly heavier than some competitor models.
  2. The powder-coated exterior may scratch over time.

User Experiences

Many users have shared their positive experiences with the Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove. They have praised its powerful burners, precise heat control, and durable construction. Some users have noted its heft compared to other models, but the majority agree that the stove’s benefits far outweigh this minor drawback. You can read their experiences here.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your Selkirk 540+, remember to clean the stove regularly, particularly the stainless steel burner. This will ensure optimal performance and longevity. Also, make sure to always use the stove on a flat surface for stability.


Q: What’s the BTU output of the Selkirk 540+?

A: The Selkirk 540+ features twin 14,000 BTU burners.

Q: Where is the Selkirk 540+ made?

A: The GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove is manufactured in China.

Q: Does the stove have a built-in ignition system?

A: Yes, the Selkirk 540+ comes with a Piezo ignition system.


To conclude, the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ Camping Stove is a sturdy, reliable, and powerful outdoor cooking solution that offers great value for money. While it may be a bit heavier than some of its competitors, its robust design, impressive heat output, and user-friendly features make it a standout choice. Whether you’re an avid camper or a backyard chef, the Selkirk 540+ is an investment that you won’t regret. However, if you’re a lightweight backpacker, this may not be the best choice due to its heft. If the Selkirk 540+ sounds like the perfect addition to your camping gear you can pick it up here. Remember, the best memories are often made around the campfire – and in this case, around the camp stove!

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