Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag Review

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag is a top-quality outdoor sleeping solution that’s perfect for backpacking, camping, bikepacking, and mountaineering adventures. It’s an ultra-lightweight and minimalist design with a waterproof and breathable top fabric. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this product, from its design and quality to its functionality and how it compares to similar products. You can check it out it here.


The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag is designed with the outdoors in mind. Its key features include a large U-shaped opening for easy access, a mesh window panel for ventilation, a waterproof/breathable top fabric for increased comfort, and a guy line loop to increase the peak height of the bivy. All these are meant to ensure your maximum comfort while out in the wilderness. Let’s delve into more details about these features and how they can benefit you.

Design and Quality

The Bivy Bag’s design is as practical as it is impressive. The large U-shaped opening makes it incredibly easy to get in and out of the bag, while the mesh window panel provides a good amount of ventilation when the weather allows for it.

Quality-wise, the Bivy Bag doesn’t disappoint. Its 20D nylon ripstop top and 30D nylon ripstop bottom make it resistant to tears and rips, ensuring it will last for many adventures to come. All seams are fully taped (PVC Free), providing an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Key Features and Functionality

Waterproof & Breathable

Perhaps one of the most vital features of any outdoor sleeping gear is its ability to keep the user dry. The Backcountry Bivy Bag’s top fabric is both waterproof and breathable, which means you stay dry, even in damp conditions, without feeling stuffy.


The mesh window panel is an excellent addition. It enhances ventilation, especially in warmer weather, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Guy Line Loop

This feature allows you to increase the peak height of the bivy, adding to its interior space and creating a feeling of increased comfort. It’s a simple yet effective feature that greatly improves the overall user experience.


The Bivy is designed to fit a Backcountry Bed and a 2.5″ thick sleeping pad. This compatibility adds a level of comfort to your camping experience that makes it feel like you’re sleeping at home.

Comparison with Similar Products

While there are numerous bivy bags available in the market, the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag stands out due to its feature set and quality. Its superior material choice, smart design elements, and overall functionality place it ahead of competitors in the same price range.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-lightweight and minimalist design
  • Waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Large U-shaped opening for easy access
  • Compatibility with Backcountry Bed and sleeping pad


  • Condensation may accumulate inside if not properly ventilated
  • The bottom material may not be as robust as some other models

User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users have praised the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag for its quality, comfort, and performance. One reviewer noted that it’s “compact, water-tight, and comfortable”, while another emphasized its lightweight and packable nature, saying it’s “perfect for backpack hunting”.

However, a few users reported receiving a regular-sized Bivy Bag when they ordered a long one. Always ensure you’re receiving the correct size for your needs. Check out more user reviews of the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag here.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Pair it with a quality sleeping pad and backcountry bed for optimal comfort
  • Always ensure the mesh window is open in warmer weather to improve ventilation and reduce condensation
  • Use the guy line loop to increase the bivy’s peak height for additional space and comfort


Q: Is the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag waterproof like a tent?

A: Yes, it’s designed to be waterproof, but it’s more suitable for light to moderate rain. For heavy or persistent rainfall, it’s recommended to use a tarp for additional protection.

Q: How is it with condensation?

A: Some users reported minor condensation, especially in the foot area. However, opening the mesh window or vent can help reduce this.

Q: Are you required to add an inflatable section, or does it come with one?

A: You’ll need to add an inflatable pad. The bivy has enough room for a 2.5″ thick pad, providing added comfort.

Q: Is this the large or regular version of this bivy bag?

A: The product comes in both regular and long versions. Ensure you order the right size for your needs.


The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy Bag is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a durable, comfortable, and functional outdoor sleeping solution. Its features are well thought out to enhance your outdoor experience. Its only major drawback is potential condensation buildup, but this can be mitigated with proper ventilation. This Bivy Bag is a great choice for backpackers, campers, bikepackers, and mountaineers. Check it out and purchase it here.

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