GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent Review: Your Perfect Companion for Outdoor Adventures

GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent


The GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent is a double-layer waterproof tent designed specifically for pickup trucks with 5.5′ – 6.5′ beds. Its unique design and materials, featuring 210T polyester oxford and PU2000 waterproof coating, keep the tent dry and durable, perfect for camping, hiking, or fishing outdoors. It boasts spacious dimensions (93″ Depth x 65″ Width x 67″ Height), guaranteeing a comfortable campsite wherever your adventures take you. Ready to elevate your outdoor experience? Click here to check it out for yourself.

Design and Quality

The GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent stands out for its quality materials and thoughtful design. It’s made from 210T polyester oxford, a tough and durable fabric resistant to wear and tear, coupled with a PU2000 waterproof coating that ensures the interior stays dry, even in poor weather.

Moreover, the tent is designed to accommodate the bed size of most pickup trucks. It’s engineered with a double layer, incorporating a large entrance door and three windows for excellent ventilation. Additional features like a mesh storage bag and a 2-in-1 storage side pocket enable users to keep the tent interior tidy and organized.

Key Features and Functionality

Easy Installation

The GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent comes with all necessary hardware and accessories, along with a comprehensive set-up and pack-up instruction guide. The convenience of the installation process allows you to focus on enjoying nature rather than wrestling with your gear.

Spacious and Considerate Design

Despite being compact enough to fit in the back of a pickup, the tent offers impressive interior space. The mesh storage bag and 2-in-1 side pocket make it easy to organize your camping gear, and the three windows provide ample ventilation while allowing you to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Waterproof and Durable

With the PU2000 waterproof coating, the tent can withstand bad weather, keeping you dry and comfortable. Furthermore, the fiberglass poles supporting the tent structure provide excellent durability, meaning this tent can handle a variety of outdoor conditions.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other truck tents on the market, the GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent offers a unique blend of features. Many other models lack the double-layer design, and the PU2000 waterproof coating is not standard in this product category. Additionally, the GoHimal tent stands out with its easy installation and the provision of all necessary hardware and accessories.

Pros and Cons


  1. Waterproof and durable construction.
  2. Spacious interior design.
  3. Easy and quick installation.
  4. Considerate design features like windows and storage pockets.


  1. May not fit all types of pickup trucks.
  2. Straps might not secure well on certain truck models.

Why This Product is Better Than Others

The GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent offers a combination of features that make it a standout choice. It’s durable, waterproof, easy to set up, and designed to fit a wide range of pickup trucks. Plus, the spacious interior and thoughtful storage options add convenience and comfort that’s not often found in other truck tents.

Genuine User Experiences and Testimonials

The GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent has a great reputation amongst users, with plenty of positive reviews and testimonials to vouch for its quality and performance.

Many users have highlighted the easy installation process. One buyer stated that although it was a little tricky to fit perfectly at first, he believed with practice it would become much easier.

On the other hand, others have praised the tent for being easy to assemble and providing a perfect fit for his truck bed. He was also able to fit an air mattress inside the tent, which enhanced his camping experience.

In terms of quality, many users seem to be satisfied with the product. Another user mentioned in his review that he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the tent for its price. The head height was ample, and the screened windows provided plenty of ventilation.

Other customers have noted the surprising amount of headroom the GoHimal Truck Tent provides. One customer stated that he was able to stand up inside the tent despite being 5 foot 7, which added a great deal of comfort and convenience during his 5-day desert trip.

Some users even highlighted the tent’s ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. One person shared that the tent survived a thunderstorm with 20+ mph winds and heavy rain, which speaks volumes about the tent’s durability and weather resistance.

To see more reviews and testimonials check out this page.

Tips and Tricks for Users

To get the most out of your GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Practice Setup: Although the tent’s installation is designed to be simple, first-time users might find it a bit challenging. It’s a good idea to practice setting up the tent at home before your camping trip.
  2. Secure the Straps: Make sure all the straps are secured to your vehicle. Even in high winds, securing 7 out of 9 straps can keep the tent steady.
  3. Use an Air Mattress: To enhance your comfort, consider using an air mattress inside the tent. Make sure the mattress size fits the dimensions of your truck bed.
  4. Check Weather Conditions: Although the tent is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, always check the weather forecast before your trip. It’s always best to avoid severe weather conditions whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this tent accommodate a full-size cot? A: Yes, customers have reported being able to fit a full-size cot in the 5.5ft bed tent.

Q: Is the tent material resistant to UV radiation? A: The tent is made from 210T polyester oxford material which offers some level of UV resistance, but it’s not specifically rated for UV protection.

Q: Can you drive with the tent installed on the truck bed? A: No, driving with the tent installed is not recommended. The tent should be taken down and packed away before moving your vehicle.

Q: Does the tent come with a warranty? A: Yes, the GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent comes with a limited warranty. Please contact the manufacturer for specific details.


In conclusion, the GoHimal Pickup Truck Tent is a versatile, quality option for those looking to enhance their camping trips. With easy installation, impressive weather resistance, and ample interior space, it offers excellent value for money. It’s perfect for those with pickup trucks who enjoy frequent camping trips, and it’s sure to make your outdoor adventures more comfortable and enjoyable.

Don’t hesitate to pick one up for your next camping trip!

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